Benefits and Rewards

What makes Devereux’s benefit program unique? We are not a one-size-fits-all employer. We offer multiple plan options, so each employee can customize a plan to best meet their needs. We are also proud to offer equal benefits to employees with same-sex or opposite-sex domestic partners, and their children. We strive to create an inclusive environment, and retain the talented employees who make our organization a great place to work.

Did you know...?

  • Devereux is excited to launch a new mindfulness benefit for our employees, eM Life! This virtual program covers the evidence-based science behind mindfulness and includes tools to help refresh your mind, reduce stress and help build resilience.
  • We also offer student loan debt assistance! Through our partnership with SAVI, student loan experts work with you to lower interest rates, consolidate loans, and reduce payments, including help with Parent-Plus loans.

Full-time Employee Benefits

Time-Off Benefits (TOB) – We offer generous time off based on accrual and years of service. Employees with 90 days to 2 years of service are eligible to accrue up to 24 days per TOB year (days increase with years of service). In addition, our direct care employees can elect to “sell” a portion of their TOB (not to exceed 40 hours).

Health Management Leave (HML) – Our employees can accrue up to 64 HML hours per year, starting on the first day of employment. In addition, employees can carry over unused HML hours and double those HML hours that are carried over (must meet specific criteria).

Medical Insurance – Choose from two plans (EPO or HDHP) through Independence Blue Cross including prescription drug coverage through Optum and behavioral health benefits through Magellan.

Dental Insurance – Through Cigna. Choose from a high or low option PPO or a Dental HMO.

Health Advocate – This benefit features a Personal Health Advocate who can help employees and their eligible family members navigate healthcare and insurance-related issues. Examples include finding the right doctors, addressing eldercare issues, clarifying insurance coverage, helping resolve claim issues and improving health through intervention and personal tracking systems.

Cigna Voluntary Benefits – Short Term Disability, Accident, AD&D and supplemental life insurance benefits.

Student Tuition Assistance Program – Full-time at six months of active continuous employment and budget, Devereux provides assistance for continuation education and development opportunities. See People Operations for details.

Flexible Spending Accounts – Through Employee Benefits Corporation. Pre-tax plan to pay for out-of-pocket medical or dependent care such as day care.

Life Insurance – Through Cigna, premiums are fully paid by Devereux.

Long-term Disability Coverage – Through Cigna, premiums are fully paid by Devereux.

Business Travel Accident Insurance – Through Federal Insurance Company. All full-time employees are covered on the first day of active employment. The plan covers losses sustained during any authorized Devereux-related business trip. Premiums are fully paid by Devereux.

Full-time and Part-time Employee Benefits

Retirement – 403(b) through TIAA. Devereux provides a minimum 3 percent contribution and possible discretionary match after a waiting period and minimum of 1,000 hours worked. Employees may contribute on a voluntary basis as of the first day of employment.

Employee Assistance Program, Work/Life Programs – Through Carebridge. For confidential, off-site counseling services. Also provides all employees and their families, assistance in managing family and personal concerns including child care, elder care, financial planning, continuing education, time management and relocation. Effective the first day of employment.

Service Awards – All employees celebrating a five-year increment (5, 10, 15, etc.) anniversary receive taxable compensation in recognition of their long-term commitment to Devereux.

Learn more about Devereux’s comprehensive benefits.

Employee Professional Growth and Development

Devereux places significant importance on professional growth and development. Our focus on performance and competency means that you will actively participate in professional growth and development opportunities based on prescribed learning paths for your position, as well as learning related to your individual needs and goals. Devereux provides a host of learning resources that present opportunities for you to acquire new knowledge, develop skills and to assist you in enhancing your performance. These opportunities consist of traditional classroom instruction, coaching and supervision, eLearning (computer-based), structured on-the-job learning, small group meetings, self-study materials, workshops and other external resources. It is Devereux’s belief that learning can occur at any time and in any place, and we strive to make that possible for you.

Learn more about Devereux’s staff tuition assistance program (STAP).

Workplace Wellness

Wise and Well Health and Wellness Program is intended to be a catalyst for positive change. Devereux considers the health and wellness of our employees a priority. Those participating in the program through Health Advocate and enrolled in medical benefits receive a 10% discount on the cost of medical premiums. Contact Health Advocate by calling 1-866-695-8622 or at

Living Healthier Contest –Individuals participating in our medical benefits that receive preventive care screenings are enrolled in a raffle to receive free single qualified health care coverage for the next year.

Resiliency – The health and well-being of all employees is of the utmost importance and Devereux is committed to providing free, resilience-building tools and resources. Through online tools, webinars, videos and other resources.

We encourage all of our employees to be wise and well and to participate in center events such as walking programs, heart-healthy activities, yoga, meditation and health fairs. Employees can access the American Diabetes Association at and American Heart Association at