Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Jobs

The Next Level of Career Fulfillment

Devereux ASCEND is a unique and comprehensive career accelerator program exclusively designed to give behavioral health team members the career guidance, one-on-one coaching, skills and financial assistance they need to reach their full potential.

With ASCEND Career Accelerator, Devereux is empowering team members at all levels to follow their passions, grow their skills, and make the greatest positive impact with the families we serve.

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Multi-track Career Advancement

Broad variety of enriching career tracks designed to expand and accelerate your advancement opportunities in each role, at every level.
Note: Positions listed are just a few examples.

Clinical Track

Clinician, Registered Behavior Technicians/Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Operational management

Supervisor, Manager, Director

Medical Track

Nurse, Psychiatrist, Occupational Therapists


Teacher Assistant, Teacher, Principal

Direct care

Direct Care Professionals/Direct Support Professionals, Leads


Administrative and Support Roles

Financial Education Resources

Receive funding up to 100% of the costs of your exam fees, training, tuition and study materials to support every career path and life-long service commitment, along with student loan debt support.

Tuition Assistance

Direct Pay (whenever possible)

Full-time team member:

  • Undergraduate w/in Career Track – 100% of tuition, fees and textbooks – up to $15,000 total combined (annually)
  • Graduate w/in Career Track – 100% of tuition, fees and textbooks up to $25,000 total combined (annually)
  • Non-Business aligned — up to $3,750 total combined (annually)

Part-time team member (500 hours)

  • Undergraduate w/in Career Track – up to $7,500 total combined (annually)
  • Graduate w/in Career Track – up to $12,500 total combined (annually)

Service Agreement: 30 months

Student Loan Repayment

Team member will go through SAVI for PSLF eligibility: Devereux will pay fee for those who qualify

Full-Time team member:

  • Minimum payment up to $200 per pay period ($5,200 per year)

Part-Time team member:

  • Minimum payment up to $100 per pay period ($2,600 per year)

Service Agreement: 24 months

Personalized Career Coaching

Find a dedicated career coach to help you build a personalized career plan that matches your skills, interests and opportunities at each stage.

Matched with a Career Coach within 30 days of hire

Ongoing guidance to continually match Devereux opportunities to individual skills and interests

Professional development guided by individualized goals

Mentoring & Development

Team up with subject matter experts to help reach your full potential with a focus on your individual needs and equity throughout the organization.

Mentorship opportunities

Individualized learning journeys

Training and certifications

In-house learning cohort

Servant Leadership development

This is where great careers soar.